A Few There Be That Find It

Did you know that only 20% of God’s children have answered the call ? This 20% are the ones who are operating within their gifts and fulfilling the will of GOD by edifying HIS kingdom. The harvest is plenteous but the laborers are few. (Matt 9:37, Luk 10:2).

This is an unfortunate circumstance. The bible say many are called but a few are chosen (Matt 22:14) The statement is so profound because when I first heard it and then read it, I could not understand, why a loving God would only choose a few people ?

Then intellect spurred into action and I began to see the aforementioned statement in its grammatical correctness. God is so awesome he knows how to reach each of us who seek HIM.

The quest is on when you have questions. Now let us look at the statement once again: “many are called but a few are chosen.” The word chosen shall be the focus. The past tense to the word “choose” is chose. The pluralization of those who chose are chosen. I’ll repeat what I just stipulated in case you missed it. The chosen are those who chose. They chose to obey GOD. This life is and always was about making decisions from our choices since the beginning of time (Deut 30:19).

GOD’s intentions are for man to worship him. The best form of worship is not sacrifice, it is obedience. (1Sam 15:22) Obedience is also honor. Honor is demonstrated when we emulate who we admire. GOD had came to earth in a human form to set an example despite opposition and temptation. Emanuel aka Jesus should be followed. What Would Jesus Do ? (WWJD) Is the question his followers should be able to answer and that question ought to be included in our decision making process.

Why are there so many people trying to navigate on their own through a mine field of destructible devices, without seeking God’s direction? These devices include people places and things which are seeking to devour, to steal, to kill and destroy whoever they can.

The problem is, broad is the way that lead to destruction. Strait is the way and narrow is the gate that lead to life and few there be that find it. (Matt 7:13)

In this world of make believe, for example facebook a.k.a. fake-book, people are having difficulties in distinguishing the real from the unreal. This inability to make such determinations causes people to believe lies and to be mislead. It is popular to follow the masses and the road for that population is wide (broad). Doing what is popular is causing many to lose out on what really matters in this life.

However, take a look at broadway which is a place in NYC, it is known for performances and actors. I do not see this connection as a coincidence (Broad is the way = Broadway). These are the masses of people who are great pretenders. These are the ones who are faking it until they make it by performing. These are the people who make promises which they can not keep and perhaps had no intention on keeping them. These very people don’t believe in truth because the truth is not in them (John 8:44). These are the people who do not want the truth and can’t handle the truth and they find it hard to be truthful. They are fools because in their heart they say there is no God.The path is wide (broad) because there are so many of them as in comparison to the few truth seekers.

People in general are like sheep (Sheeple) because generally they follow blindly. Sheep can actually lead one another off of a cliff and definitely to a slaughter house because sheep will follow the sheep directly in front of them. Based of false (fake and phony shepherds = herd sheep) prophets and teachers , those who are ignorant (ignore the facts) are vulnerable to their evil tricks (wiles).

In this world people have a tendency to believe what they see, which is opposite of what is actually faith. The enemy plan is simply manifested by controlling what people see. The enemy is the prince of the air and apparently this includes airwaves. (Ephesians 2:2). For example television (tell lie vision).

The most interesting thing about the aforementioned referenced verses in chapter 7 and 22 in the book of Mathew are the context preceding them.

Many are called but few are chosen is based on those who were invited and decided not to come to the celebration. As well as those who came but did not present themselves in a respectable fashion for the occasion and were kicked out. This is the point that is missed. There are consequences in making wrong decisions from the choices which are available.

The bible indicates that there are so many sheeple following the course of the enemy because it is the path of least resistance. It requires less discipline and less thought. People in general want quick fixes and the path which requires less energy.

Just so you know, resistance require energy. Resist the devil and he will flee from you (James 4:7). Let us be clear that resistance is not easy and so it is difficult to fall under submission of someone you don’t know. It is our very nature to protect our freedom from control. Therefore how can we find out about someone, unless we seek to know him or her ?

Are the masses in control when they surrender to a lifestyle they are uncertain of its daily outcomes? Are they in control when they have to self medicate via alcohol , drugs and sexual gratification to ease their pain ?

When you get to know Jesus (the door/gate), you will learn to trust him with guiding you through this mine field of destructible devices. With God being your GPS the stress of the danger becomes your least concern.

Trust his instruction and you won’t regret it. Trust his word and his promise and you will achieve life more abundantly by having peace and joy. Place your confidence into the one who is consistent, truthful and reliable thereby joining the few who had done that. Too bad there are only a few laborers willing to perform selfless acts for the benefit of others and for no personal gain.

Who are the few? The few are the children of God who are seeking the truth. The truth when you find it, will cause you to be free, selfless and willing to fulfill the will of God. Are you one of the few ?

2 thoughts on “A Few There Be That Find It”

  1. Awesome and profound. You are a Great Blessing to the body of Christ and anyone willing to read and understand. God is using you in a great way to reach lost souls and to even enlighten those of us that know the Lord .Your writtings force a thought process to check our lives with the decisions and choices we have made and will make in the future.Thankyou, Man of God. For being obedient and truthful in sharing this much needed Word. Be Blessed..Shehee..

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