Our Approach Is LOVE!

We are here to share the LOVE  of Christ Jesus to all people. We present the Truth and nothing but the Truth for it is the most precious gift for the children of God.

The results shall be for the blind to see, the enslaved to be free, the lost to find the way, the hungry to be fed, the thirsty to have water, the deaf to hear and the dead to live again. The Sword is the Word. The Word was GOD (John 1:1) The Word is the weapon for the soldiers. The Word is the tool for the builders. The Word is the bread for the hungry. The Word is the water for the thirsty. The Word is the life for the dead. We are looking for thirsty hungry soldiers and builders even if they are dead, because we are confident they will be born again and become the disciples of Christ Jesus.


1 John 3:18

My little children, let us not love in word, neither in tongue, but in deed and in truth.


Meet Mr. Shehee and His Team

“Called To Serve Through Vision & Passion”


Minister Dana Shehee Sr.


The founder is Dana Shehee a decorated retired NYC Correction Captain. Mr. Shehee had accepted his call several years ago as a born again follower in the faith of our Lord and savior Jesus the Christ.

As a single parent of five (5) children, Mr. Shehee  has put his passion in mentoring fatherless youth, and for men and women to become independent representatives of our communities through his organization called “Mentoring Mentors (M&M)”.

Mr. Shehee says…”By being good examples we cause change.” “We replace hurt with help, thus we keep hope alive”

As a licensed minister of the TRUE gospel, He teach that “ YOU have to be the change you wish to see the in the WORLD”……. GAHNDI

Mr. Dana Shehee experience comes from his volunteer involvement at his local churches in Dallas, Texas and also through the local high school. After 7 years of retirement, he felt spiritually led to return to the workforce where he is presently a licensed Texas Peace Officer and he is compelled in making positive change in the lives of our surrounding communities in light of the negative press our law enforcement is undergoing these days. We are living in a time when most people cannot tell the difference between the good guys from the bad guys. He knows why this is the case.

Our Team of  Disciples for Christ Jesus consist of  individuals who reflects the passion that Mr. Shehee shared in the teaching of walking in Love. His  team also  holds steadfast the goal to change each new believer through prayer, faith and action (love). “We can show you better than we can tell you.”


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Development Director