Mentors Are Needed

It is our belief  the Islamic State (I.S.) militia as well as other terrorist groups both foreign and domestic are not the only threat which recruits, kidnap or influence children as young as 9 years of age to hate and perhaps kill for their cause by spreading terror throughout the world. We are at war with whoever intends to violate the human rights of anyone for any reason. It is every human God given inalienable right to have life and liberty.

Mr. Shehee feels that we all have the responsibility to make a positive difference in our society; therefore, we need mentors who are willing to engage our youth and assist them with life challenges. Mr. Shehee, who is the recipient of the Mentor of the Year award (2012-2013) for Desoto High School located in Dallas County Texas, is no stranger to mentoring. He has taken it one step further by developing a mentoring program structured on a foundation entitled five smooth stones and it is intended to train people to be mentors who train mentors. These stones are utilized to combat the giants in this world of tribulation. The giants are the problems which seem too big to conquer.

The five tier program is built on moral life lessons taught to mentors who are trained to engage our youth, by being the example of positive change. Our younger generations are not easily lead and especially the generation labeled as “Y”, “WHY”. This generation demands answers, and they refuse to follow anyone or anything blindly. This generation will question and challenge all proclaimed authority because trust has become extinct. This generation wants to know how much you care before they will entertain how much you know. What they are saying is simple and it is the following: “If you love me SAY IT, SHOW IT, PROVE IT and DO IT”. Action speaks louder than words.

Mr. Shehee is calling out for mentors to train mentors who will engage and train our youth by offering an example and hope for positive change. Mentors can be anyone in a position or title who has direct contact with youth. (i.e. Foster parents, police officers, teachers and etc.) The training is biblical based because Mr. Shehee believes that the enemy is a spiritual evil entity which utilizes the literal sword as one weapon of choice. Beheading a living being is one tool utilized by the enemy to arouse fear. Mr. Shehee will utilize the Holy Bible as his premise of good will toward mankind regardless of gender or race. The Holy Bible is a spiritual sword which has proven lessons on the following:  KNOWLEDGE , FAITH, LOVE , RIGHTEOUSNESS (living good) , and ORDER. The sword Mr. Shehee utilizes encourages hope, which will make our people great again.

All of the aforementioned moral life lessons have been under attack and misconstrued by the enemy. We have to get back to the basics by teaching the truth and the whole truth and nothing but the truth as followers of Christ Jesus. The truth is what it is and only those who seek it will find it, therefore, this mission is voluntary. The B.I.B.L.E. is the source and the weapon (SWORD) utilized to defend ourselves against evil. B.I.B.L.E. is an acronym for Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth.

Let us be clear that mentoring is a full time effort. It is time consuming and requires true dedication because it is a true life style. Therefore, we mentor by example. You have to be the change you want to see in the world.

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