Power Of Words

This is the most important lesson to learn because it will affect your ability to learn all other lessons.

Words can help and words can hurt. Words can build relationships as well as destroy them. Words are powerful therefore; it is important to know the meaning of a word in order for you to understand what you’re “really” saying. It is as important for your recipients to know the meaning of the words  in order for them to understand what you “really” mean.

However the dictionary and the English language are tools of confusion because their words are not definite. These broad definitions are in and of themselves oxymorons for they are not definite (precise). The available definitions have to be filtered or the original words have to be researched in order to find words true meaning.”Etymology”

Couples who probably want the same things often disagree in communication because their words are misunderstood by each other.

The enemy is very much aware of John 1:1, which expresses that Words existed before man. Words are spiritual and they create. This also means that words have the power of death and life (Proverbs 18:21).  Knowing the aforementioned the enemy therefore confused (mixed) the original meanings of words to also cause babbling as well as he created his own words based on his knowledge of their mind (soul) control power. “Babbling” for instance originated from the tower of Babel depiction in the Bible. No time to explain here, but most words have reasons for their existence.

The word “power” have a Hebrew and Greek origin which means to cause motion/have strength (dunamis). It is energy in motion thus you have “E-motion”. Yes, emotions are powerful and the enemy wants to control them through mediums of communication (i.e. music and movies). It is a simple psychology. If the enemy can control how you feel (soul) it will reflect what you think (soul) and effect what you say and do. Therefore, the enemy want you get hurt in many ways and often through words. Hurt people hurt people is the perpetual cycle the enemy desires.. This is why satan wants your soul.

The word “tongue” also have an ancient language origin which means a little instrument for tasting and speaking. It can also mean language.

The meaning for “word” is the basis of communication and creation from by way of being spoken or written.

What am I saying in all of this ? Words out of your mouth mean something whether or not you understand their meaning or whence they come. The choice is yours as to whether you wish to edify (build up) or destroy (demolish). The choice is yours whether you wish to be Godlike or devilish. It is sometimes as simple as what you say to someone else. Know your audience and try not to offend deliberately.

However, the truth is the truth and it will offend those in darkness. In darkness the light can hurt the eyes of those who see that light for the first time and this is not what I’m talking about hurting others. Vipers (snakes) have to be identified to warn others of the danger that awaits. Fear not man nor satan because they can not destroy the soul.

There is also a saying about Intent vs impact. Be true to yourself first and aware of your true intent before you speak.

This world is full of people with good intentions but yet the moral decay of this world is alarming. Saying I did not mean it, can be an excuse, when you had venom (intent to harm) in your statement. All are sorry because they gave little thought of the impact / consequences which are apparently too costly to pay as the offender come to realize.

Say what you mean and mean what you say. More importantly you have to know what your words mean. Study the words and teach them to others and communication will improve among those who care to let their light shine. This endeavor to study words will break the SPELL of SLEEP. Do you think there is a difference from what we do with letters to make words from an hypnotic trance?

Be kind and gentle in your manner of speaking. Remember: profanity are called curses for a reason. Would you agree that the last thing this world need is additional negative energy thrown into the atmosphere by way of our mouths?

BTW, “peace” means quiet. It is best to hold your peace when your angry. God Bless!

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