What do I Believe ?

It is important for all to know what your leader believes. I am in a position of leadership and it is your right to know what I believe, as well as you should make it your business to find out what your leadership believes. Therefore, I afford you the following disclosure:

I believe in the unexplained GOD Almighty. I say unexplained because ITS power and reasoning is beyond human comprehension. Those who rely on scientific proof to accept the wisdom and might of God Almighty, will fall short of receiving “THE TRUTH”.

I believe there is THE TRUTH and there is a right way. I BELIEVE, because I had an encounter with God Almighty. That experience is indescribable. My experience is indescribable because it will be like describing color to a blind person who was born blind. It is required for you to personally experience in order for you to comprehend. However, I can tell you how to meet your maker before you leave earth, if you ask me.

I believe who you trust, you will follow. Who you follow you will obey. Who you obey is your god. Whatever is your god, you will emulate and make it the most important thing in your life. Whatever is the most important thing in your life you think about very often. You make it a part of your day and possibly you include it in the most part of your day, because your soul embraces its ideals and instructions. I believe your actions are a reflection of what what you think and say. What you say will define who you are and what you believe.

I believe that God Almighty is the God of all gods, the Lord of all lords, the King of kings. There are many gods and many masters.( Matt 24:24) I believe that there is a difference between servants and slaves. I believe we have to learn to serve before we can lead. I believe the relationship with God Almighty can grow from a servant to child to a friend of God. (John 15:15). As a servant refer to HIM as LORD (master). As a child refer to HIM as (father, poppa, daddy) or any term of endearment which personalizes your relationship with your maker. As a friend refer to him as God Almighty. There are no egos among friends and place your friends on stools because you should lift them up for they are your friends. I believe there is a difference between religion and a relationship with God Almighty.

I believe that the King James Holy Bible is the inspired word of God. It is Almighty God’s basic instructions before leaving earth = B.I.B.L.E. I believe that God Almighty personified his word and walked among the people (emanuel) as an example of righteous living. This embodiment of the word is called the Messiah (CHRIST= chosen one). I believe just like the Messiah, HIS people (THE CHOSEN) are spiritual beings having a human experience. In our human experience we will be tempted and challenged on spiritual and physical levels. I believe these challenges are called suffering. The suffering may seem long, but it is a development process known as growing pains. We all are work in progress which builds character. These challenges are tests. I believe it is our mission to teach love by demonstrating love. The Holy Bible refers to this demonstration of Love as walking in Love, not and I repeat NOT “falling” in Love,. Falling in love is an emotion and can be hurtful which causes people to run from it. I believe we teach what the Messiah taught and by so doing we talk about the greatest human who walked among us on this planet as a man. Just as the Messiah descended to come here and ascended to leave here, this form of transport applies to us all. I believe in ascension.

I believe we can not talk about the good and not recognize the evil. I believe that there is an opposing entity which attacks truth, life, light, faith, love and hope. This entity is anti-God , anti-creation , anti-CHRIST. This opposing entity (satan = oppose) is trying to reverse God’s plan. I believe that the opposite of truth are lies. I believe the opposite of light is darkness. I believe the opposite of faith is distrust. I believe the opposite of hope is doubt. I believe the opposite of love is evil. (Notice I did not say hate was the opposite of love). I believe the opposite of life is death. I believe most people will die twice. I believe in the resurrection of the Messiah and of the people. I believe the enemy want you bound, in debt and enslaved, which is the control it needs over you. The enemy depresses and oppresses the very people who indulge his recommended lifestyle. That lifestyle causes his people to self medicate and consequently causing themselves more problems. The enemy has no love not even for his own people.

I believe God Almighty affords many chances to all people who seek truth which is called Grace. I believe that all people who are not mentally impaired and of sound mind will be without excuse on Judgement Day. I believe all unrighteous people will pay a consequence for practicing evil and being disobedient to the will of God Almighty. I believe that the enemy’s people are identified by behavior contrary to righteousness and they say things they don’t mean. They go against God’s instruction. After all God’s instruction is for our safety. When they ignore safety rules there are consequences. These consequences are reflective of their adult lifestyle. It is the will of God Almighty that no person perish and for all to have eternal life.

Only a just God will place judgment on those who choose evil over love and HE will do what he said HE will do. I believe that God means what he says and HIS people ought to say what they mean because otherwise it is deception. I believe the Almighty God who is the God of truth and HE will not lie.

I believe in forgiveness and you can be forgiven and not reap the consequences of all of your actions in a manner you deserve because I believe in mercy. Justice on the other hand is providing a punishment to fit the crime. Not so many chances are afforded to the guilty party in this world as often as God Almighty will allow in HIS world. I believe that the Messiah justified us all, who believes. This means HE paid for our crimes,which redeems us. I believe that grace and mercy combined is truly salvation. I believe in universal law i.e you give and you shall receive. These universal laws are what they are and man can not do anything to permanently change them. i.e. what goes up will eventually come down; you shall reap what you sow (Karma).

I believe some people are dead and do not know it (spiritually). I also believe some people are sleep and lost (spiritually). I believe that the dead will be born again. The blind will see and the lost will find “The Way” to “The Door” which leads to God,when they truly pray for help. I believe there is only one door and a narrow way (path) which leads to heaven and only a few people compared to the whole world will find it. Many are called but a few are chosen. I can explain the previous verse.

I believe we have decisions to make and that the enemy causes us to make wrong decisions when we don’t know truth.( We do not make choices, because choices are presented they are our options.) It is the enemy’s diabolical plan to teach lies and to misrepresent God Almighty via false teachers and false prophets. The enemy accomplishes his goals by deceiving, distracting and detaining people by keeping them B.U.S.Y. (bonded under satan’s yoke). Busy will keep you from studying,  meditating and spending time with God Almighty. It is not by accident you do not seem to have time to read.

I believe in the power of words and studying “The Word” gives strength to endure life’s challenges. Studying “The Word” provides an increase vocabulary. Overstanding words will break the “SPELL” of sleep/ blindness. I believe the enemy want people to be ignorant of the truth because the truth will make you free from enslavement and bondage. Therefore , I teach what I believe and the aforementioned is a brush of the surface of the knowledge God has given me because I chose HIM as my leader when I surrendered to HIS WILL. Now I see, I hear, I walk. I have peace. I have joy. I have life. I believed and I was born again.

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