Who Do you Believe ?

The enemy has a plan

Deception, the tool of the entity which contradicts the word and will of God.  This same entity known as the enemy attacks the people of God. The enemy opposes (satan = adversary) truth,life, love and God almighty.

Yes, there are a people who represent God almighty. God almighty has an image, a manner of speaking and doing things.

The enemy brings forth confusion which simply means mixture. The enemy mixes lies with truth. He mixes good with evil as well as right with wrong. This fusion makes it difficult for seekers to determined friends from enemies. Good guys from bad guys and ecetera. This tactic works so well, that many of us do not know who to believe.

Who or what do we believe ? Is the question which stagnates growth and development within the conscious community. This community are individuals who seek truth and “overstands” that there is a diabolical effort to control the masses of people who simply can’t see nor hear what God almighty wants for his people.

As in all my teachings I stress the importance of comprehending the definition of a word. It is paramount to know these following words in this writing :confusion, question and overstand. It is also important to know who these following persons are : enemy, God and God’s people (children).

When words are definite (defined, definitions) there are no abstract meanings as there are in so called dictionaries. Sometimes a lie will have to be examined in order to filter the truth from the lie because the god of this world (2 Corinthians 4:4) is forcefully feeding lies by way of media (tell lie vision), through programing (programs).

God almighty is the God of all gods. Yes, there are many gods because a god is something which you give allegiance, obedience and honor. Let me be clear that God Almighty is “The God” whom created all things and is the most powerful of all entities which have many names based on many cultures which depicts its existence. Descriptive words or pronouns are often utilized in Identifying God Almighty. I concur with such verbiage  because words can personalize the relationship between you and God Almighty. That is what you want more than anything which is to relate with God Almighty and to overstand your purpose and the dynamics  of your relationship of this parental being.

To stand under (understand) means things are over your head and implies beyond your reach or comprehension. God Almighty abilities can be beyond our ability to comprehend its dunamis existence because were trying to bring it onto our level of existence which is impossible to do. God Almighty attempts to help us with this endeavor when he humanized himself in the form of a Messiah. The true Messiah represented attributes of God Almighty for you to comprehend his splendor of TRUTH, LOVE, PEACE, HEALING and HOPE in a human form. To overstand implies that your on top of it and it is not beyond your reach or perception and etcetera.

When we perceive we can believe and then receive that which is obtainable. Truth, love, peace, healing and hope are the attributes of God Almighty which are available and accessible when you know it. The enemy who is anti-God Almighty because it wants to be “The God”. It wants your worship which is a form of honor. The enemy wants your allegiance which is loyalty. The enemy wants your obedience which is you following it to places if you knew the truth, you wouldn’t want to go. When you follow the enemy you become his child by default.  Who we follow, we believe. Who we believe, we trust. Who we trust, we follow. At this point the enemy has control.(influence) of your thinking, feelings and actions which are your soul (mind, emotions and WILL). This is why your soul is the prize the enemy wants to capture. Through deception (confusion, capture and control) the enemy achieve these things.

The enemy wants control (enslavement) over you by any means necessary. This is not living. When your not living you are experiencing death. The true death is your separation or lacking a relationship with God Almighty.

God almighty offers you freedom to choose through truth and the result will be an abundant life. One master offers freedom and life. The other master offers enslavement and death. Who do you want to believe ?

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