Who’s Foolin Who ?

There are three types of people. The Bible distinguishes between the child (innocent), adult (man/woman), and the fool (blind, sleep, lost, deaf, dead = confused).

Children come into the world unknowingly selfish (sin) or should I say self preserved. The Bible speak of twins fighting in the womb (Genesis 25). Just think this is mentioned long before modern technology called MRI’s proved that the fighting does exist between siblings in the womb. Children only concern is to survive.This act of survival sets the course for their lives. Actually the course began as the sperm raced and fought to be the first to penetrate the egg. My point is, that life is a struggle and the Bible says there will be trouble = tribulation (John 16:33).

However, in  the early stages of child development, children hearts show no evidence of malice nor deceit.

Their first introduction in this world is removal from their warm 98.6 ° comfort zone. No clothes were necessary in their previous environment and that was what they were accustom. If the exposure to a cooler perhaps air conditioned environment was not enough for them to shed a tear or the fear of seeing these humongous beings handling them in an unfamiliar manner then a painful smack is provided as a welcome to this cold new world of crying and then receiving. They react to pain by crying.Yes, after they cry they are comforted. This teaches a child to cry for comfort. This lesson shall remain in them until they realize that the ultimate comfort can only come from the comforter (Holy Spirit).

Children learned from the onset of the following unrealistic pecking order of this world: Discomfort, fear, pain, out cry and receive comfort by a human.

The truth is that the pecking order have so many variables and various levels of pain that adjustments are continuously made through out this physical existence. A need to regain comfort or to be relieved from pain becomes possibly a life’s never ending chase to achieve that desired result, unless they discover the only way out.  The desire to fulfill their needs become very demanding very soon. Children also feel particular about how and when they receive their needs. At first, children cry out loud and this is the only way they know to articulate themselves. Be that as it may, these cries come out during wee hours in the morning and possibly at other inconvenient moments .

We make the mistake in assuming their cries are only to eat or to have their soiled diaper changed.  Not really knowing the problem, the solution from the human is far fetched. The child could be having a painful allergic reaction to the inhuman dairy product that’s being fed to them. If the person having authority over their comfort is clueless to the actual problem, then the child has begun his or her long journey of suffering sooner or longer than others.

When children cry for lacking their required comfort, there is no concern from them whose comfort is being forfeited for the sake of their very own. This is also a self preserved act.

This does not make children bad people but they simply do not know any better way to obtain what they need when they need it. As they develop they learn to want outside of their needs and this articulation advances from cries to whining, to pouts, to tantrums and additional self absorb attitudes / actions.

Attitude determines altitudes and we wonder even though a person grows in size and age they continue to be a child within the lower depths of his or her soul.  That’s right, age does not determine if you are a child or an adult in a spiritual aspect.

Please be advised there are developmental stages in children. Some are more advanced but they are still children. i.e. infant vs toddler vs adolescent. Children give birth to children and their lack of knowledge (wisdom) in caring for children does not make them bad people. However, why not treat children in the manner you would have wanted to be treated. This lesson has to be taught to all persons regardless of age for many reasons. (Matt 7:12)

Beware parents,  over compensating can spoil the child as well as sparing the rod (Prov 13:24). You love the child if you chastened  the child in an effective manner yourself would not mind being chastened (Heb 12:6). There are many forms of discipline which the Holy Spirit will guide you as well as the instructional book of life aka the B.I.B.L.E. = Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth.

God says come as a child (Matt 18:3).  Children are dependent upon the authority in their life. They have a willingness to learn and receive information which teaches them to adjust and cope with life. This is the manner in which God want you to come before his throne. This is the manner God want you to come before the person or persons he placed in your life to prepare you for your journey.

HE recommends that you ask the questions because you are on a quest in this world to learn how to survive. Survival is based on provisions. You receive provisions in order to learn how to provide for others. Seek the destinations which were the answers to those questions you had asked God. Knock on the door of opportunity which is the portal between what you sought to what you can actually obtain. (Matt 7:7)  Yes, the truth is obtainable (John 10:9, 14:6)

Even though God states for you to come as a child it is not HIS intention for you stay as a child. As a child you think as a child, but as a man (adult) you put away childish things. (1Cor 13:11) Children make countless mistakes and their lack of brain development often causes them to not make the best decisions. Let us be clear Growing pains are a process which builds character.

This means God expects growth and change for the better. A child do not know better, therefore they can not do better without proper guidance. This is why children in the spirit are innocent. An adult on the other hand, knows better and does better. Adults make better decisions and are able to respond (RESPONSE ABLE = responsible) to their needs and the needs of others. Adults are responsible individuals who offer instruction and the proper guidance by demonstration.

Adults are mature (complete and fully developed, Eph 4:13) and this is what the Bible refers to as “perfection”. God want you perfect (Matt 5:48). Adults are accountable for their actions. They blame no one but themselves for their situations. They choose wisely and teach truth. Adults honor their help. An adult is wise and upright in the sight of God. Be mindful the adult is responsible because they are born again from the selfishness of a child or a fool.

So if a child does not know better and can not do better, whereas an adult know better and does better, what say you, determines a fool ?

A fool is someone who has a dry empty head, which is a devil’s playground. This makes the fool unwise; immoral, unstable, impatient, fearful and prideful. The fool despises parental teaching, runs their mouth without thinking, and rejects God and His Word. Rejecting God makes the fool lack the intelligence and understanding of what God’s Word teaches. The fool is deceived by the enemy and driven by sin which leads to their destruction and downfall.

A fool knows better and does no better. It does not necessarily make him or her a bad person, but a sick person. Fools are spiritually blind, deaf, lost and dead. They need a healing. They don’t know why they keep making the same decisions and receiving same results. They don’t know why they do things they ought not. They can not hear the truth. They can not see the light. They are living out their selfish desires and continue to be dissatisfied. Marrying and dating the wrong people. Befriending people they ought not trust. Hearing lies and believing those lies. They are numb to the woes of others. Fools are selfish and self centered.

Fools can be healed. The problem is, some do not know they are sick or they do not trust/accept any Godly advice because the enemy has done his job well at confusing these masses of people. The masses are clueless and unaware that their circumstance can change for the better through truth and love.

A fool say in his heart there is no God. They don’t feel accountable to anyone. They disrespect the authority of their lives. They ignore the safety instructions offered by the true source and they do not understand that their circumstances are the consequences of themselves or their authority making bad decisions. So many fools will not read this blog because they do not like to read. Fools are being fooled. Fools are being hoodwinked and bamboozled because of the wiles (trickery) of the enemy. They are destroying their bodies (the temple) and losing their souls (minds – another blog to explain soul).

I, as a lover of all people, do hereby make a request for fools to wake up and hear what says the lord. If they should seek and obey, they will have life more abundantly. Abundance is having more than what you need, however, more is not necessarily a lavish lifestyle. When you are concerned for others, your personal needs become minimal. They will have an abundance if they would just try Jesus especially when all other things have already been tried. To try Jesus means to completely surrender and allow HIM to be lord (master) over your life.

I pray that they realize that other meaningless relationships and other self indulgent pleasures are not working to erase the pain or to fill that void in their lives. Fools try to self medicate their problems away, not realizing all medication have side affects which causes more problems. The definition of insanity is expecting different results while continuously making the same bad decisions. Fools are too blind to see it and too deaf to hear it. I know because I once was a fool. I also could not explain why I kept making bad decisions and thinking they were my best decisions. It had to be something spiritual causing me to do selfish and counterproductive acts, whereas I was jeopardizing losing the things I loved.

This sickness can be cured by taping into God’s wisdom and consequently making better decisions. In fact, in order to make a difference you start by making a change and in that moment is when you may decide to be the change you would want to see in this world. Did you notice I said see. Ask God to remove the scales from your eyes.

The moment you become more concerned with the needs and wishes of others than with your own, you have demonstrated an act of selflessness. You hear that ” concerned for others”, is a demonstration in having a soft heart. Ask God to soften your heart. Selflessness is the cure and you will be in the healing process.  Help combats hopelessness, Hope combats fear and Help is here and everywhere. The problem is the HELP you seek can not be seen nor can you HEAR where to find it.The BIBLE reminds us that God was, is and will always be here, despite what your eyes are not telling you. Do not believe what you see. Seeing is not believing and nor does it increase your faith. In fact faith is the opposite of believing what you see. Hebrews chapter 11 goes into detail about faith and without faith it is impossible to please GOD. Imagine, if it was not for the faith of the late great care givers listed in Hebrews chapter 11, grace would not be here today. Grace is your opportunity to see yourself and to make the necessary changes of the things you do not like about yourself. You changing and coming out of your comfort zone will require a replacement with supernatural comfort.

I’ll close with this : When we have the mind of Christ we are armed with everything we need to overcome the lusts of the flesh and the pride of life. We can live according to the will of God. We no longer are subject to being powerless over the flesh. The old crowd of fools notices when we no longer have the desire to do foolish things with them. Instead we grow to love others above our self and use the gift of love, God has given us to speak and minister by the wisdom of God’s Word. This glorifies God through Jesus Christ, whose mind displaces our foolishness. This is proof that praise and dominion belongs to Him forever.

You are fooling you, while your being fooled by fools, if you do not surrender and trust God with it all.  With it all, you are performing the following: Trusting God with your pain, your discomfort, your fears and your doubts. Humans can not solve the aforementioned problems despite what this world has taught you. This change in this world will require a supernatural answer to a supernatural problem. I implore you to, SEEK GOD for the answers and the help. You can not do it alone or help your self without supernatural intervention.


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  1. Hello really wanted to thankyou for such an informative and truth based message. Our yputh and adults need to read and understand that your age does not make you an adult. We all started our spiritual growth as a child. Thank God for grace mercy growth and the ability to see. Your blogs are inspiring and on point to touch a d transform the lifes of Gods people. Thankyou Again. God BLESS..

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